Collagen-Loss Firming Protocol


Indicated for mature skin lacking firmness and definition in the facial contour

Frequency: 1 weekly session. Recommended 4 consecutive sessions. Follow-up maintenance with monthly sessions.


Preparation of an extemporaneous formula

INVESKIN HA-COL is an extemporaneous formula that restores skin elasticity and tonicity. Deep and long-lasting hydration.

  • Concentrated formula with Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, indicated for skin in need of regeneration and hydration.

Mix the EGF ampoule with the HA vial and add the INVESKIN HA-COL vial to form an emulsion.

EGF ampoule + HA vial + ½ HA-COL vial

Shake the mixture in the HA vial container to emulsify all its phases and place the silicone applicator for dosing.


Treatment application

Cleanse and prepare the skin, which may include a superficial peel to exfoliate dead cells.

Apply the extemporaneous formula to the face, neck, and décolleté using virtual mesotherapy or microneedling (any equipment that does not produce heat), as usual.

The application of the extemporaneous formula is done zone by zone. Dividing the face horizontally into at least three zones. Treat each one individually, applying a few drops and working until completely absorbed. You can then focus on the most affected areas. Do not remove it and let it penetrate, if necessary, help with an occlusive system.

Continue with INVESKIN Eye Contour for the eye area. Do not remove.

Finish by applying INVESKIN Cover to the entire face with gentle touches.


    • HYALURONIC ACID: Moisturizing (forms a viscoelastic layer thanks to its high water retention capacity). Restructures the biological matrix of the skin. Among the mechanisms of action of HA in wound healing, its interaction with fibrinogen accelerates the process of fibrin clot formation induced by thrombin. HA binds to the fibronectin molecule and stimulates epithelial migration, in which CD-44 cellular receptors are also involved, migrating to the same region. These are the major receptors for HA, specifically binding to it. Activates re-epithelialization, regulates keratinocyte and fibroblast proliferation and migration, thus reducing the roughness of the newly formed epidermis. Repaired tissues are of better quality, and scars are less significant. In vivo, HA of medium molecular weight interacts with the CD44 receptor and stimulates the immune system and healing processes.


      Proteins present in our organism.

      Hydrating effect, regulator of skin moisture.

      Delays the formation of wrinkles and provides elasticity to the skin.

      The non-absorbed part forms a film of protective proteins.

      Improves the dermatological affinity of products for topical application, especially for delicate and sensitive skin.


Recommendation for home cosmetology

INVESKIN Roll On Active

Apply twice a day to the wrinkle crease to reduce its depth. Morning and evening.

INVESKIN Serum Lifting

Apply once a day to the face. Morning.


Apply to the face, neck, and décolleté. Tensing and firming formula. Evening.


Antioxidant sunscreen that reduces wrinkles and minor imperfections. Morning.

INVESKIN Eye Contour

Apply to the eye contour area. Reduces bags, lightens dark circles, and reduces expression lines. Evening.
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